About Antitrust Unpacked

unpack/únpák/v. tr. to explain or make a meaning clearer, to decipher or discern, to analyze and explain in detail.

We have created this blog to provide concise but operationally meaningful content to in-house counsel and senior management on important antitrust and competition law topics in the United States, Europe, and around the world.

While many of the posts will be triggered by a recent case or other development, the blog is not intended to be a reporter of current events. Nor will we focus on the esoteric. Rather, the blog is designed to provide insight and analysis into the antitrust and competition laws and enforcement practices that have a significant impact on business operations of major national and multinational corporations.

We recognize the competing demands for your time, and we will limit our posts to those things that we believe are important for you to know. With this in mind, we expect to post something every two to four weeks. Posts will usually be less than a page in length, although they often may contain links to a more detailed treatment. We also will include links to source material as well as to related content on the blog.

We hope that you will let us know how we can improve the blog to make it more useful to you. We also welcome topics or questions that you would like us to address.

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P.S. The thoughts expressed in this blog are not necessarily shared by other members of the S&S Antitrust Group, the firm, or its clients. For this reason, each of our posts will by signed. Please add your comments if you have something to say on a post or feel free to contact the author directly to pass along your thoughts and comments.